We have a passion for creating beautiful and exclusive furniture according to customer's specification. We specialize in Custom Made furniture. Kitchens, Bathrooms Bars, Built in Cupboards and Bathroom Vanities .We manufacture furniture from rare, solid, and indigenous as well as imported timbers. We also work with man-made materials such as Veneers and Melamine. Granite can be arranged.

On our Industrial side:

We manufacture heavy and light duty Industrial Packaging including Boxes, Pallets, Crates and Cores to name but a few. We are certified as export packaging manufacturers. We are also BEE Compliant as a level 4 contributor.

We use only top quality S.A. Pine in the manufacturing of our packaging to ensure superior strength and durability. We buy timber from certified sawmills to ensure all relevant standards are met regarding conservation.


We offer a 24-hour emergency service to our clients, 365 days a year. We have four delivery vehicles to enable us to offer on site measuring and construction and the meeting of urgent delivery lead times. We firmly believe one of the most important factors to a business is its name and reputation. And remember: “If it's got wood in, we can make it”!

TEL: (011) 814-1325/6

FAX: (011) 814-4058